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The Dissolve Brand 

Dissolve is one of the most recognized and loved stock footage companies in the industry, renowned for its inspirational video marketing. As co-founder and Executive Creative Director, I created the brand & corporate identity, and creative-directed all of the marketing activities, as well as the UX/UI of the web app.

Dissolve pieces have won 6 Vimeo Staff Picks (with over 5M organic views), various awards including a Shorty Award, and have been acclaimed by Time Magazine, Mashable, BuzzFeed, Adweek, Fast Company, Advertising Age, The Atlantic, Wired, The AV Club, and many others.


Visual Identity and Guidelines: I was inspired by the old Paramount and PanaVision logos and the visual language that surrounded that, and wanted to give the Dissolve logo a firm footing in Film, but make it feel current and appeal to a broader creative audience.

Design: Sheldon Popiel, Petr Hostas, Nikki Stephens, Drew Ng
Writing: Jon Parker
Creative Direction: Sheldon Popiel